EIP 712

EIP-712 is a protocol for hashing and signing of typed structured data instead of just bytestrings.

ERC 191

This ERC proposes a specification about how to handle signed data in Ethereum contracts.

Transaction Decoder

Analyze and decode EVM transactions aiding in transaction analysis and debugging.

Merkle Tree Generator

Construct merkle trees and verify proofs using openzeppelin library.

Gas Convertor

Convert between various gas units (wei, gwei, eth) for smart contracts on the EVM networks.

Bytes & String Convertor

Convert between strings and bytes.

Burner Wallet

Generate randomn private and public key pairs for EVM chains.

Deterministic Contracts

Generate contract address for next contract deployment from an address.

ZK Boilerplate

ZK Boileplate dapps using snarkjs and circom

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ToolsBoilerplateLearnZk ChainsSubscribeContributeAbout

Tools for zero knowledge proofs, smart contracts, ethereum (& L2), web3 apps and cryptography.

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